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Slater's Directory of Ireland (1846): Ballinasloe

 Damian Mac Con Uladh

A respectable market and post town, partly in the parish of Creagh, barony of Moycarn, county of Roscommon, but chiefly in the parish of Kilcloony, barony of Clonmacnowen, county of Galway, 91 miles w. from Dublin, 45 e. from Galway, 25 n.w. from Parsonstown, and 15 s.w. from Athlone; eligibly and pleasantly situated on the river Suck which divides the town into two unequal parts, of which the larger is in the county of Galway. The passage over the river is accomplished by a succession of bridges and causeways resting on sixteen arches, and extending five hundred yards. The streets are well paved and gas lighted, and the principal shops and hotels are, in like manner, illuminated. The houses have a neat and comfortable aspect, most of them being whitewashed annually. Among the prominent business branches are the corn mills on the river, an extensive coach factory, one for farming implements, some breweries, and tan yards. There are two banking establishments, and the same number of hotels, for families and commercial gentlemen, viz.-Craig's in Main-street and Gill's in Dunlo-street. In 1828 was opened a branch from the Grand Canal, which has proved a great benefit to the town. Petty sessions are held every Wednesday and Saturday, in a court-house attached to the bridewell. There are several valuable public institutions which belong to Ballinasloe, and are well supported by the inhabitants and other means-a list of them is appended to the directory of the town. The lunatic asylum for the province of Connaught and the union workhouse are well regulated establishments-the former was built in 1843, of an expense of more than
27,000; the latter in 1811, at a cost of 9,600. A farming society for bestowing premiums, a loan fund, a dispensary, and two free schools are established and well sustained. A new agricultural hall is now being erected, which promises to be commodious and ornamental. The annual meetings of the agricultural society are held here at the large October fair, and the Ballinasloe Horticultural Society for the province of Connaught, holds its meetings in March. It was founded in 1833, under the patronage of the Earl of Clancarty. The seat of the nobleman, Garbally Park, is in the immediate vicinity of the town. The mansion, which is situated in a well-wooded demesne, was re-built in 1819, and contains a fine collection of paintings. The public are indulged with free access both to the house and the grounds.
     The church is a beautiful stone edifice, erected in 1843, by the ecclesiastical commissioners, and situated on an eminence on the west on the west side of the town, upon the site of a former structure. It constitutes a rectory and vicarage, including the united parishes of Creagh, Kilcloony, and Taughmaconnell. There are places of worship for Roman Catholics, Presbyterians and Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists. The market days are Wednesday and Saturday, the latter being  the principal. Fairs May 7th, July 4th and October 4th to the 10th; this last is considered the largest in Ireland, for farming stock, all kinds of manufactured goods and wool. The average number of black cattle brought to this mart for sale is 12,000, and of sheep 90,000. The town contained, in 1841, 4,934 inhabitants.

  POST OFFICE, Main street, Richard Carroll, Post Master.- Letters from Dublin and all parts of England arrive morning at a quarter past six, and are despatched thereto evening at a quarter before seven.-Letters from Castlebar and Westport arrive even, at half-past 6 & are despatched thereto morn. at half-past six.
     Letters from Galway, arrive every evening at a quarter before seven, and are despatched thereto every morning at a quarter past six. - Letters from Limerick, Cork and the South arrive every evening at six, and are despatched thereto every morning at twenty-two minutes before seven.




Adamson, Robert, Esq., Sallymount Berrane, Patrick, Market-square Colahan, William, Main st
Antisell, Monsell, Esq., Cloncarren Connor, Thomas, Hobson's lane Harrison, Thomas, Society st
Ash, Edward, Esq. Nutfield Nicholson, John, Hobson's lane Heise, William, Society st
Banfield, Mr. Andrew, Back street


Horne, Andrew, Main st
Barrett, Mrs. Charlotte, Dunlo st French, Thomas, (and circulating 
     library)   Main st
O'Loughlin, James, Dunlo st
Barrett, Maurice, Esq. Mount Victory



Blake, Patrick, Esq., Gortnamolia Abbott, John, Harbour lane Ross & Murray (& lead merchants),
     Dunlo st
Browne, Arhtur esq, Kilbegly Brown, John, Dunlo hill


Burke, James, Esq., Mount Sandford Colgan, James, Dunlo hill Carroll, Patrick, Society st
Burke, William, Esq., Mackney Keele, William, Society st Duffy, Margaret, Main st
Caufield, Timothy, Esq., Dunlo st Mohony, John, Main st Hynes, Sarah, Society st
Clancarty, the Right Hon. the Earl of
     Garbally House


M'Carthy, Andrew, Church hill
Colahan, Mr. James, Dunlo st Boyd William, Main st Mullery, Thomas, Market square
Crampton, Rev John, Dunlo hill Monk Andrew, Main st Usher, James, Main st
Diggs, Delaware, Esq., Chillam Cottage

In the Shambles, Market Square


Eyre, Thomas Stratford, Esq.,
     Eyrewood Hall
Barrett, James            Ferns, John Burke, Edward, Society st
Freer, Major, Dunlo st Barrett, Patrick          Haverty, John Claffy, Charles, Main st
Gascoine, Captain ___, Mackney Burke, John        M'Cann, Patrick Coffy, Martin, Main st
Groom, Rev. Thomas, Kiltormer Burke, Michael      M'Donagh, Tim Connor, William, Harbour lane
Hannegan, Rev. James, Sumerset Glebe Conry, Michael          Small, James Finn, Jane, Main st
Johnstone, Captain___, Seven
Corcoran, James        Smith, James Flattery, Daniel, Dunlo st
Kelly, Charles, Esq. Kelly's Grove Craig, John          Rafferty, Peter Flattery, Hugh, Main st
Kelly, Francis, M.D., Clymore Farrell, James       Taylor, William Garvey, Patrick, Society st
Kelly, Hugh, Esq., Wood Mount


Hogan, Michael, Society st
Kelly, Mrs.___, Castle Park Clarke, Michael, Dunlo hill Lahey, Michael, Dunlo st
Lancaster, Thomas, Esq. Fort William Martin, Patrick, Hobson's lane Manning, John, Dunlo st
Lawrence, Walter, Esq. Belleviea Rourke, Joseph, Back street M'Donough, James, Main st
Lorcan, Timothy, Esq., Craugh Tully, John, Dunlo hill Mullery, Edward, Dunlo st
Lynch, James, Esq., Lancaster Park


O'Grady, John, Main st
Lynch,  Owen, Esq. Wood Park Cochlan, Mary, Society st Rafferty, Michael, Market square
M'Donogh, Walter, Esq., Lovill M'Daniel, Daniel, Society st Sharpe, Simon, Main st
Maher, John, Esq., Killernan Meara, Thomas, Main st Shannon, John, Society st
Martin, the Misses, the Green


Usher, Mary, Society st
Masters, Stephen, Esq,Cregan Briscoe Patrick, Main st Walsh, Charles, Dunlo st
Mitchell, Handcock, Esq., Shannon
Gallagher James, Main st Young, John, Main st
Monsell, John, Esq., Kiltormer

Farming Society Buildings.

Thomas Cochrane, proprietor


O'Brien, Mr. John, Main st


M'Nevin, John, Main st
O'Shaughnessy, Mrs.___, Birch Grove Fawcett, Isaac, Main st and Dunlo st Maguire, Edward, Main st
Pilkington, John, Esq., Castle House Farrell, Edward, Brackana Maguire, James, Dunlo st
Potts, Henry T, Esq., Correen



Powell, Capt. Robert, the Green Barrett, John (and wine merchant),
     Society st
Colahan, William, Main st
Prendergast, John Kelly, Esq., Kiltormer Browne, Thomas, Society st Burke, Dominic, Dunlo st
Rock, Mrs. Maregaret, Dunlo st Connolly, John (and tobacconist),
     Society st
Harrison, Thomas, Society st
St. George William, Esq. Clonburn Curley, Peter, Dunlo st Heise, William, Society st
Seymore, Thos. Esq., Ballymore Castle Derry, Michael, Dunlo st O'Laughlin, James, Dunlo st
Shadwell, Thos. Esq. St Edmonds Hyde, Thos. (& notary public), Main st


Trench, Hon. Robert, Killgorrive Lahey, William, Dunlo st Connolly, John, Main st
Trench, Wm Eyre, Esq. Lismanny Maher, John, Main st Halligan, William, Back st
Trench, Rear Admiral William Le Poer,
     Main street
Sharpe, Ann, Main st King, James, Dunlo hill
Tully, John, Esq., Saralea Sharpe, Robert, Main st Madden, Peter, Main st


Wakefield, David, Main st Perrin, William, Church hill
Atkinson, Ellen (boarding & day),
     Church hill

See Linen Drapers & Haberdashers


Coates, Margaret, Church lane

Family, Commercial and Posting
(See also Public Houses)

Duffy, Margaret, Main st
Irwin, John, Church hill Craig, John H., Main st Lahey, William, Dunlo st
Lord Clancarty's Free School, Dunlo
     hill. Geo. Gordon, master
Gill, Joshua, Main st


National School, Back lane. Thos.
     M'Keigue, master


Caulfield, Maria, Dunlo st


Barrett, John, Society st Connolly, John, Society st
Carroll, Thomas, Church lane Fawcett, Isaac (and timber and coal
     merchant), Main st and Dunlo st
Moclare, Patrick, River st
Clarke, Michael, Dunlo hill




Blackstock, Thomas, Society st Allt, Eliza (and trimming), Dunlo st
Blake, Edward, Society st Graydon, Thomas Hughes, Society st Tyrrell, Maria, Dunlo st
Keogh, Malachi, River st and 2 North
     Cumberland, Dublin



M'Donogh, Peter, Dunlo st, and 16
     Holles st, Dublin
Caulfield, Maria, Dunlo st Brady, Edward, watch maker,Dunlo st
Wallace, William, River st Queale, John, Dunlo st Bryan, Henry, eating house, Dunlo st



Carr, Thomas, painter and glazier,
     Dunlo st
Hyde, Thomas (and notary), Main st Bowman, Archibald, Society st Carter, Lewis, letter carrier, Church
O'Grady, John, Main st Egan, Timothy, Dunlo st Connaughton, Thomas, slater, Dunlo


Flattery, Daniel, Dunlo st Cunningham, Peter, whitesmith, Dunlo
Boyd, William (and provision
     merchant), Main st
Flattery, Hugh Mulloy, Main st Desmond, Daniel, mail coach contractor
     River street
Curley, Peter, Dunlo st Sharpe, Joseph (and provision merchant)
     Society st
Gunning, William, tin-plate worker,
     Society street
Egan, Bartholomew, Society st


Herns, Michael, feather dealer, Dunlo
Hawkins, Thomas, Dunlo st Harney, Patrick, Creagh Kempster, James, county surveyor,
    Society st
Hynes, Sarah, Society st Hood, John, the Green Killeen, Margt, toy dealer, Main st
M'Daniel, Daniel, Society st Horsman, John Eyre, Deer park Killery, Patrick, temperance house,
     River street
Molony, William, Dunlo st Lancaster, John, Fort William Lynch, John, clerk in the petty sessions,
     Dunlo hill
Nugent, James, Market square M'Donogh, Walter, Lovel & Main st M'Govern, Thomas, confectioner, Main
Shaughnessy, Mary, Main st


Madden, Francis, nurseryman, Main st
Shaughnessy, Michael, Dunlo st Goode, Ann, Main st Neill, Bridget, nail-maker, River st
Sheil, John, Main st Mullen, Harriet, Main st Norton, Michael, organist and teacher
     of music, Church lane
Wakefield, David, Main st Tierney, Margaret, Main st Page, Thomas, mason, Dunlo hill
Wakefield, Nathaniel, Market square Trench, Ann, Dunlo hill Rorke, John, commissioner of affidavits
     Dunlo st



BANK OF IRELAND, Main st. (Draws on the bank of England) Mr. James Bell, manager.

Carroll, Thomas, Dunlo st

NATIONAL BANK OF IRELAND. Society street (Draws on Barnetts', Hoare, & Co. London) Mr. John Barnett Vize, manager Hynes, William, Dunlo st  
  Moclare, Peter, Main st  

And Their Ministers.



Rev. John Cotton Walker, rector and vicar. Parsonage: Rev. John Crampton, Dunlo hill, and Rev. William Gerrard, curates.
BILLIARD ROOM, Dunlo st.-John Staunton, proprietor. To Dublin, the Royal Mail (from Galway), calls at Craig's Hotel, every evening at a quarter before seven-and a Coach, from Gill's Hotel, every morning (Sunday excepted), at eight, both go through Athlone, Moate, Kilbeggan, Beggars Bridge,  Kinnegad, Clonard, Innfield, Kilcock, Maynooth & Leixlip.
ROMAN CATHOLIC CHAPEL, Market square-Rev. Laurence Dillon, parish priest, Dunlo st; Rev. Thos. Coen and Rev. Ferdinand Whyte, Dunlo st, curates. CONSTABULARY BARRACK, Society st.-Patrick Sweeney, sub-inspector. To Athlone, a Car, every afternoon (Sunday excepted), at three.
WESLEYAN METHODIST CHAPEL-Church lane, ministers various. COURT HOUSE and Bridewell, the Green- Edmund Alexander Douglas, Esquire, stipendary magistrate; John Lynch, clerk of petty sessions; Richard Skerritt, governor of Bridewell. To Birr, a Car, every morning a quarter before seven; goes through Eyrecourt and Banagher.
PRIMITIVE METHODIST CHAPEL. Back street-ministers various. DISPENSARY, Church lane-Thomas Harrison, M.D., medical attendant. To Galway, the Royal Mail (from Dublin) calls at Craig's Hotel, every morning at a quarter past six-and a Car, every morning at ten, both go through Loughrea.
  GRAND CANAL OFFICE, Grand Canal harbour-Major Alexr. Freer, collector. To Westport and Castlebar, the Royal Mail, from Craig's Hotel, every morning at half-past six-and a Car, every morning at ten; both go through Tuam and Hollymount.
  HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY (Connaught), Society st., Thomas Graydon, Esq. Secretary.

From the Grand Canal Harbour

  LOAN FUND SOCIETY, Castle Mills- Thomas Lancaster, Esq. , treasurer To Dublin, and all places on the Shannon, and on the line of the Grand Canal and the West-the City of Dublin Steam Packet Company's Boat, and Thomas Berry and Company's Boats, three times a week.
  LUNATIC ASYLUM (Connaught District), top of Church street-John Butler M'Kernan, Esq. governor; William Heise, M.D., Medical attendant. To Dublin and all places on the line of the Grand Canal, a Fly Boat (for passengers and parcels) every afternoon at three.
  UNION AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY'S HALL (Branch of Royal Agricultural Society for Ireland), Society street-Thomas H. Graydon, Esq., secretary.  
  UNION WORKHOUSE, the Green - John Gill, clerk to the board of guardians; Robert Wood Carleton, governor; Margaret Curry, matron.  

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