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Ballinasloe Gaelic Football Street League 1914

The Asylum and Culliagh teams to fight it out
 Transcribed and submitted by Damian Mac Con Uladh

The Last Battle in the St. Grellan League

Great Excitement over Coming Match between Asylum and Cullagh.

Who Will Win The Cup?

The excitement of the St Grellan League has reached boiling point. Heated by intense currents of the most thrilling contests it has now attained its final stage. Every Gaelic mind in the parish is crammed with interrrogation marks. Taken asunder, examined minutely, arranged in every conceivable position, they still form an intricate labyrinth of conjectures! No one is definite: none precise. All ideas mingle together and form the same vague interrogatory remark: "Who'll win the Cup?"


Who can forecast the result? What scion can say that the medals will shine on the breasts of five and ten gallant Cullagh Gaels? What evenly balanced philosophers's judgement can say that the St. Grellan Cup will crown the laurels of victory for the Asylum. Culliagh are qute confident of their chances, and the Asylum men were never more sanguine of victory. Everything looks at present but a huge Gaelic conundrum to be resolved only by the ingenuity of Time. Oh! Sunday, will be a day of anxiety and thrills! a day of memories! a day of days.

AT 3 p.m.

The last chime of the three o'clock on Sunday will signal thirty stalwart Gaels to battle. Sixty minutes of excitement! Two half-hours of a thrilling nerve-trying ordeal and all will be over! Only a mite of Time to decide whether bonefires will blaze on the plains of Cullagh or the Asylum buildings quake with the powerful vibrations of victory's cheer! One brief hour will solve the problem – "Who'll win the Cup"? Don't mind that brief hour: Enjoy the sensation of soaring into ecstacy 'neath the magic influence of an exciting Gaelic contest. Remember it's the Cup final!


Now for Cullagh! Captain Paddy Boland leads them. Well you all know what Paddy can do. He's one that will often catch your eye if your eye is focussed on the ball. Paddy is no amateur in the Gaelic arena. Then there's Dinny Whelan and Dinny generally makes matters warm for his opponent. And there’s Eddie Boland to defend the citadel and Jack Murray the dashing daredevil forward. Mike Dolan the invincible seven-footer with "Remus" Greene and and their comrade veteran Gael, Tommy Boland will be towers of strength, and Paddy Murray, Tommy Finn and Tom Whelan will make another rattling trio. Then there's Kilmartin and there's Hicks and Jack Cunningham and they're pretty sure to make the cream of the Asylum team contest every inch of the ground. Of course Charlie Donovan and Tom Burke will be in their usual rave form and if Cullagh doesn't win it won't be their fault.


Of course Gilby Jennings will lead the van from the Asylum camp, and everybody knows Gilby as a Gaelic player, not only in Galway but through the length and breadth of the thirty-two counties. And sure, Jack Deeley mastered the art of Gaelic football long ere the St. Grellan League peeped above the horizon, Jack is a man of judgment and experience. Keary in his usual wing sprints will be most useful, and Horey, Shaughnessy and Staunton will be another excellent bunch. Of course Bill Fallon and Campbell will put up a stone wall defence. Broderick and Jack Hannify will, no doubt, keep Cullagh's back line busy. Paddy Kelly and Bill Morgan will probably get through a tremendous amount of work and so will Monaghan; and last least comes Peter Hall, the custodian who fought for the honour of Ballinasloe in many a strenuous struggle. The forward who catches Peter napping must be a wily one.


Asylum Defeated "Derry"
Defeated College
Defeated Labourers
Drew with Town
Cullagh Defeated "Derry"
Defeated Labourers
Defeated Town
Beaten by College



















"Cullagh Nationalist"— "In giving our opinion of this coming contest .we predict that it will be one of the most memorable Gaelic contests ever witnessed in Ballinasloe."

"Morning Star"— "No Gael should miss Sunday's treat."


The match is timed for 3 p.m. sharp in the Hill O'Back. Mind Joe Dunne won’t wait, and remember three things-

1. The first is – "Don't miss the Cup final."

2. The second is something similar to the first – "Don't miss the Cup final."

3. And the third is very like the first and second – "Don't miss the Cup final."

Source: East Galway Democrat, 13 June 1914.


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